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Introducing: Wax Pig Melting


Members: Brian Gibson (guitar, vocals), Aaron Wilhauer (guitar, vocals, percussion), Minnie Kern (bass, vocals), Daniel Williams (drums)

From: Pahrump and Las Vegas

Do they play in brothels all the time? No, but drummer Daniel Williams used to work there (cooking burgers and mopping floors, no body-merchandizing).

How’s it sound? Heavy, droning stoner rock. Influenced by Queens of the Stone Age, Neurosis and Trent Reznor. Depressing lyrics, often about death — occasionally inspired by rappers Sole, El-P and Eyedea.

Releases: Three, including the home-recorded Voyager EP, officially released last month on Anti-Anti (not to be confused with ANTI-), but getting the obligatory release party this week (see below).

Title backstory: Most of singer Brian Gibson’s lyrics are about friends and family passing away.

Best song to stream now: Voyager’s “Intergalactic Travelers” on Bandcamp, dedicated to friends who’ve overdosed. Crunchy, Josh Homme-esque electric guitar, heavy on the cymbal crashes, shouting vocals. Lyric: “You spoke of your travels/How near and how far/But it’s alright/I’d bet that you’ve never been/To the place you now are.”

Who’s that about? Brian’s grandmother.

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