Dont lick the wound
I have a place to put my things now.
Not that I had these before, even in my subconscious.

There’s more to it that you’re not seeing, as yr not looking, so you cannot be seeing. Though I don’t mind the effort that isn’t there.
How could I? It doesn’t exist. It can’t. I just said so. You haven’t tried much, have you? I’m in the writing stages of a completely silent movie that will be nothing you want it to be. It speaks volumes, though only to me. We bond in that way.
I’m not really writing anything, let alone a silent film that speaks volumes.

I could’ve let you believe that, if you’d have let me let you. Would it make you feel better if I did? Here; I’ll let you let me.
She was right behind me this whole time. Behind this wall, outside, Northwest, to be exact.
Don’t let it be what it’s *supposed* to be. No matter what they say.

–  J. R. Hayes

New recording’s happening. You don’t need to look or see to know that.