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photo cred; angela kerfoot

photo cred; angela kerfoot

The new single from our upcoming album, “Speak easy” is now up on soundcloud. Track listing, release show pipe dreams, and more. The link’s totally not lying.

Thank you for getting Deadco’s remix of ¬†our un-mastered track up past 100 plays in 4 days! That’s AWESOME for a collaborative track that Deadco thankfully did for us on a whim! We have the track listing for “Jaded X1,193”, though in no particular order. The song’s on it will be;

1. Everything Is Horrible & Will Remain Compromised
2. Beaks
3. Nods
4. Speak Easy
5. Jaded X1,193
6. Dirtying Outtage
7. Quick To The Draw
8. Noise Meditation
9. Amazing Posture
10. Let Go & Let God Or Be Dragged

If anyone reading this actually knows me, they also are forced to acknowledge the fact I take things way too seriously, but only to get shit done! I ask questions as soon as they come into my head, but only to see if YOU know something that could help me out. The fuck knows what that last sentence what about; Though the point I strayed from is that we’re waiting to release this CD in Mid-November.

With the CD coming in November, I’m working on a release show date, and venue. We will also be headed to at least two different recording studios to record two EP’s worth of tracks in the next couple months, atleast. I promise we’re gonna have some good ways to spice up the digital and physical releases of this material. We’ve had an amazing little run of shows, Woz joining has changed a lot of things. If you read all of this, and you know him, next time you see him, say thanks for me.

…He’ll know what it means…

– Brian Gibson